Thursday, October 25, 2012

I know where the bar is

Same trip this week that I did the last two weeks. I'm back to having my regular line Captain. Everything has been uneventful....which is good.

A friend asked if I get bored going to the same places each week. I thought for a moment....nah.

I like knowing where the hotel van picks me up, where the good food is and where the bar is. Not that I'm a big drinker...but it's nice to know on 18+ hour overnights.

I do this trip one more time next week. I start on Tuesday and Finish on Friday the 2nd.

My next trip continues into November. When my bids closed my November schedule was built and the first full trip in November starts on Sunday, November 4th.

My current trip is rear loaded, meaning the heaviest flying day is day 4 with 7 hours 40 minutes of flying. This entire trip is worth 19 hours 30 minutes.

My trip on the 4th is worth 23 hours and is front loaded, meaning most of the flying is on the first part of the trip. This created a 30 in 7 conflict.

Airline pilots can't legally fly more than 30 hours in a rolling 7 day period. To "fix the glitch" scheduling pulled me off the end of my next trip.

So instead of flying 7 hours 40 minutes on day 4 next week, I just fly on leg in from the overnight at 1 hour and 45 minutes. I get paid for the full 7 hours 40 minutes. Not too bad. It is kinda wasteful to have two 18 hour overnights back to back and just one leg in. Eh.


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