Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geek in the with more...less!

This site is now at a new host. You should notice faster loading less waiting time. You're welcome. Feel free to click on the banner ad at the bottom every now and then. Hosting isn't expensive...but it does cost. Gracias.

Same trip as last week. Different Captain. My line Captain traded the trip. The new Captain is much more laid laid back for me.

I don't have that "warm and fuzzy" and "everything is covered" feeling with the new guy. I'm more on edge and watching everything that's going on much more so than normal. Don't get me wrong I'm laid back....this guy is REALLY laid back.

Time to bid for November. I know I can hold Thanksgiving off...but  I doubt  I can get back into my 3 day trips.

I discussed my plan with my wife as we have family coming in town from the 8th thru 12th. I also still have to bid so I'm off two weekdays to hang out with my daughgter.....and somehow still get Thanksgiving off.

My bidding priority will be:

1- Weekends off

2 - 3 day trips working Tuesday-Thursday

3. 3 day trips working Monday - Wednesday

4 - 4 day trips with starts after 4PM working Monday thru Thursday

5 - 2 day back to backs

6 -4 day trips working Monday thru Thursday


Two day back to backs are new for me bidding wise. I figured if  I can't get my 3 day trips or 4 day trips with late starts (late so I can hang with my daughter till my wife gets home) then I might as well go for two day back to backs as we will have to pay for 4 days of day care regardless.

A two day back to back is as it sounds. I work 4 days but only away from home for 2 nights. It's more driving to and from the airport so it's not good for commuters or those that live far from the airport.

Bidding closes this weekend. Hoping for the best.


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  1. Good luck with the bidding. I also appreciate the new host, it does seem somewhat faster. Your banner ad is unobtrusive, which I appreciate, and I will try to click on it every time I visit. Thanks for keeping this site going, I appreciate your effort.


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