Saturday, August 11, 2012

Approach plates don't always mean you're safe

Interesting....and eye opening post about how, just because you fly the approach plate to the inch, doesn't mean you're safe.

It's long so I will just post the link:


  1. Good link to a good story.  The take-home here is that while YOU may follow the prescribed routes etc. to the inch, that does not mean that everyone else up there is doing the same.  One always wonders about the GA aircraft that may be lost, have defective equipment or, rare, I hope, just don't have a clue about navigating through tightly controlled airspace.  I think that's part of the reason your airplane has windows and TACS gear.  In the end, just like evaluating the weather, there is no substitute for LOTFW.

  2. And... no guarentee that the plate is correct.  I wish that the author had  revealed the final resolution.  To repeat, LOTFW!


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