Sunday, July 22, 2012

Relitive Seniority

Seniority is everything...right?

Thought about where I am in seniority on the small scale and big scale. Here's what I found.

In my current base I'm in the top 36% seniority wise for First Officers. Back in January of this year I was in the top 30%. I've gone down as senior pilots have moved into my base due to moving bases or being displaced from Captain. Here's a look at other bases and where I would be as a First Officer:

Base B: 34%

Base B-1-: 26%

Base C: 30%

Base C-1: 5%

Base D: 30%

Base E: 54%

The -1's are on a different aircraft. For the most part my realative seniority is pretty consistent around 32%, thus I'm close to being in the top 3rd of First Officers system wide. The exceptions are the base I listed as C-1 where I would be in the top 5%...or number 4! It would be nice to be able to get the exact schedule I want, vacation I want and so on....but I'm not going to commute to get it.

Company wide I'm in the top 61% seniority wise. The most junior Captain company wide is in the top 53% seniority. I'm not too far from Captain, but I'm a long way from being the bottom guy. Considering back in October 2007 I was the bottom guy....things are looking decent.

The more senior I get in my base the better schedules, vacation and general quality of life I will get. I'm working on another blog about bidding to Captain and the big quality of life hit I would take. Should be up later this week.


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  1. Nice post - as always.  And of course, the senority thing raises more questions...  When you get a bit closer ti  upgrading to the left seat, will you commute for a while?  Perhaps QOL demands that you remain a senior FO, but in-base and until your senority allows a left seat bid in your current base - and residence.  A difficult decision for some, but I suspect that you will stay put and enjoy being home for more hours.  Even if you ocan upgrade and remain at your current base, a a junior Captain on type, I'm sure that you would serve a 'sentence' of reserve time.  How does that all compute for you?  Care to share some thoughts?  In any case, I enjoy your informal posts and yes, I get the impression that you emjoy your job.  Best wishes, -C.


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