Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do I know you?

My last 3 day was a bit tiring, 18 hours of flying in 3 day, but at least it was productive.

I truly despise low value 13 hour 3 day trips or even worse 16 hour 4 day trips. What do I like? Well 18 hour 3 days are good...20 hours are better. For a 4 day I like 23-26 hours....but those are rare when staffing is good. When staffing is bad, trip values are higher.

The Captain for my last two trips looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place him until the last day.

He was in the training department until a few months ago. When I was in the sim last year he was one of my instructors.

Nice guy and I enjoyed flying with him. Unlike some instructors he knew how to relax and be a line pilot and not always be Mr. Instructor.

I finished my trip at 2PM on Saturday. I don't report back to work until 2:30PM NEXT Friday. Lots of days off.

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