Thursday, May 3, 2012

I didn't want to sit in a hotel for 18 hours

If I had not banged out sick I would be working 6 days in a row and have flown 28 hours over that period. Using my daughters new favorite word that would have been, "icky".

I feel much better today so I went flying.

Originally I was scheduled to depart at 7:35AM, fly 2.15 hours and then have an 18 hour overnight. Tomorrow I would have flown 3 hours back to base and been done at 8:30AM. Sounds easy....however I didn't want to sit a hotel for 18 hours.

Instead I traded that overnight trip for 2 day trips.

Today I did a very easy 2 hour 40 minute turn. Tomorrow I do a 3 hours 10 minute turn. Overall I am ahead on pay.

This morning I dropped my daughter off at daycare at 8AM. I then pondered parking at the terminal in short term parking versus parking for free in the employee lot. Parking short term would save me 15 minutes on each side of my trip. Hmmm.

Short term parking it was (AKA Princess Parking).

I didn't have to report for duty until 9:25AM. To blow off time I went thru a car wash then sat in the airport observation area and read my kindle till just after 9AM.

My trip was incredibly easy. My leg down. Nothing interesting to blog about. Arrived early. Left early. Arrived back in base REALLY early. How early?

Well I was supposed to arrive back in base at 1:25PM. I was at home in my recliner at 1:25PM. It helped a lot that I princess parked and live really close.

I will do something similar tomorrow.

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