Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Banging out sick

Had to bang out sick in the middle of my last trip of the month. Toddler germs plus allergies. Ick.

Being the dad of a toddler who attends day care 3 days a week means I am exposed to all kinds of germs....evil toddler germs.

I am vigalint about hand washing as soon as we get home from daycare. It helps...but sometimes germs sneak through. My daughter had a snotty nose for a few days last week. Guess who got it next?

My trip started Sunday afternoon. I felt good enough to start the trip. Seven hours flying with 3 legs.

My Co-pilot started the trip. Long first leg. The next two were mine.

The overnight was at a fairly small airport. Calm winds. We asked and were cleared for a straight in approach to runway 10 and cleared to land. Another regional jet was cleared for a visual approach to runway 28....but only for the approach as we were cleared to land.

It is a bit unnerving to see an airplane approaching from the opposite direction during landing. I made a nice landing and made a quick stop to get off the runway as soon as possible. I didn't do one of those "slam on the brakes and throw everyone forward" landings....just a "land the mains, lower the nose and gradually apply brakes and thrust reverse". Done.

I felt pretty stuffy after getting on the hotel van.

The next morning I was a little better.

Decent overnight.

During the flight back to base I got a little more stuffy. Not worth it.

Once we were back in base I banged out sick. Flying stuffy...even just slightly depending on the time of day, isn't worth it. I rarely call in sick. I have almost 2 full months of sick time in the bank. Done.

A bonus of calling in sick? I get to hang out with my germ transporter....errr daughter a little more.

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