Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Making money

Living in base and being a line holder gives me the ability to (almost) write my own pay check.

My line for December was initially valued at 83 hours. Of that 83 hours 22 hours involved a 4 day trip that starts on December 31st. I traded around and ended up with 65 hours before any overtime to be flown in THIS calendar month.

I picked up a lot of extra flying. I'm very picky on extra flying in that I won't do overnights as it takes away from my time at home. My wife works Monday-Friday. We pay for daycare 3 days a week whether we go or not.

Thru careful scanning I was able to add on overtime flying to the front or back of a few trips. Over the next 3 days however I was able to pick up a lot of extra flying.

My 4 day that starts on December 31st was changed as my mainline carrier changed the schedules for January. Every flight from January 1st on is different. Because I was already awarded a line based on certain flight times I get that pay, but will not have to do most of the flying. How much less? Well 18 hours less. All I do is one leg to the overnight on the 31st and one leg back the next day. I will fly 2.4 hours and get paid for 22 hours.

Over the next 3 days I picked up overtime day trips each day. Tomorrow is worth 4 hours, Thursday is worth 5 hours and Friday is worth 7 hours.

Now for math. I've mentioned in the past I failed College Algebra. My professor gave a me a "C' since I was a Journalism major....and literally went everyday. In 5 years of college I missed just 11 days. Not too bad.

Anyway as of today I will be paid for 128 hours of flying but only fly 92 hours. The difference is the 4 day trip on the 31st that was chopped up as well as a few flights that cancelled. This could be my best month ever.

Back of the napkin math shows I will be paid $5,120 before taxes and excluding per diem. I should have another $500 or so in per diem. If I can keep this going I could make a lot of money next year. I think it's a special case though. I DO hope to get paid for 85-95 hours a month though.

Note to self...take more photos while flying. I carry a camera every trip...I need to start taking it out.

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  1. Oh my God! Such money in a month is great!

    And you wrote than local passenger pilot is not very good paid job.

    And many goods  are even much cheaper  there
     than in my country!

    As somebody stated for gasoline in Europe:
    "I have money for gasoline, I only don't have f**ing 70% for taxes on it!"


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