Thursday, December 15, 2011

Glad I don't commute anymore

I'm supposed to be in a Hyatt Place right now. That's my FAVORITE hotel for overnights.

My 4 day trip started yesterday. The trip is a 3-4-2-3. Meaning 3 legs the first day, 4 legs the second day and so on.

Captain took the first leg and I took the second. A little weather was in the area on the return. I haven't landed at night in this plane much. Flared a bit high....floated 3000 feet down the runway. Uncomfortable. Still getting used to the "site picture" at night. I have 68 hours in type so far.

Once on the ground we were advised our overnight cancelled. Of all the flights on the departure board...ours was the only one that cancelled.

My wife dropped me off earlier in the day, so she had to wake up  my daughter and pick me up. Not a big deal, but it's a risk we take when I don't drive.

This morning I was advised I would dead head out to where my overnight was and pick up my schedule from there. The dead head flight left at noon.

At 10;30AM as I was preparing to leave I was called and told a reserve was flying the outbound leg and they reassigned him to fly my leg back. Fine...more time at home.

I still get paid for everything. I could use the hours though. Eh.

So now I leave at 4:18 PM and do 3 legs. Tonight is a 9 hour a Hilton...nice hotel...but it's no Hyatt Place! Bleh.


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