Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back from vacation....kinda

I jump seated home from vacation on Sunday afternoon. My immediate family (plus 10 more of my extended family) enjoyed a 7 night cruise to Honduras, Belize, Mexico and Key West. Long time.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="100" caption="I'm not much for swimming. I sat on the beach under cover and relaxed with the strollers and baby stuff."]cruise[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="100" caption="I tried a local beer from each place we visited.....all were good."]img_0715[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="100" caption="Leaving Costa Maya....not a whole lot there."]img_0858[/caption]


Bidding closes today, which gave me just days to get my preferences in for bidding for next month.

This month I wanted maximum time off for vacation AND to work weekends to save on day care cost....oh and commutability.

Next month I want to work weekends, be commutable and maximize days off. Hard to combine commutable and max days off as many of the high time lines start at 6AM and finish at 10PM. I will know my fate in a few hours.

I've been at my airline for 3 1/2 years. Current movement and predictions show I MIGHT have an opportunity to upgrade to Captain in the next 2-3 years.

My wife and I have already decided that once I upgrade to Captain, to put all the extra Captain money into a savings account (we use ING....best rates out there) for two years. The rationale being I've been used to living on First Officer money for years, I could be pushed back to the First Officer seat since I will be junior, why not build up more than 6 months salary?

Originally I was going to commute back down on Friday morning to start my line Friday night. Instead I picked up a 5 hour turn on Thursday. It's commutable, but I will likely just stay the night. Normally I wouldn't pick up a turn on overtime, but since it's the 19th of the month and I've only worked 4 days....eh...I will bend my rule this once.


  1. Hi 'Geek,' We've waited a L O N G time for your update. As bad as commuting it, lets hope it works for you, while yo uhave to do it. With yes, hiding that Capttain's money for a few years is VERY smart. What cometh - can goeth and faster than you can sneezeth! Question, Sir: Lots of drivers (some say up to 35%) commute. You always plan ahead and have plans B C and D in your pocket. Stuff still happens. What are the repurcussions if you simply cannot report as scheduled, due to commuting issues? Even with great 'professional' care, it still must happen. What is the typical resonse? Best wishes. -Craig

  2. Some domiciles are heavy commuter (JFK, EWR, LGA, DCA,IAD, ORD to name a few!) due to cost of living. I start looking at ways to get to and from work a week ahead, then 4 days ahead, then each day leading up to the day I have to be there. I also keep an eye on the weather.

    If I absolutely can not make it my company allows X number commuter clauses to be used per rolling 12 months. If I meet the criteria (have at least two ways to get there before my show time) then I will be removed from the trip with no further penalties...well except I won't be paid. I still have to try to get to work to catch up with my trip. After X number of commuter clause uses then I could be without a job.

    And yes 7 days on a boat was too long.

  3. Thanks. I figured there had to be some reasonable out. And I realize that you folks try darn hear everything to get there. If it got out of hand, you might have to live where you work, just like normal folks . Best wishes.


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