Monday, April 4, 2011

And the commuting began.....

I'm supposed to be buzzing around the sky right now. Instead I'm on my couch.

Yesterday was my first day commuting. Also the end of Spring Break. My commute was rough. Full flights. I ended up having to two leg it, meaning two flights to get to work.

After I arrived I only had one leg out to the overnight. I was paired with a Captain that also transferred bases and two legged it to commute in.

Light airplane, clear skies...we blasted off early and fast. I am an avid watcher or The Amazing Race. Scheduled arrival time was 20 minutes before it started. Being a hotel leg we flew a little fast. Gusty approach. Landed in 20 minutes EARLY. No gate. Yadda, yadda, yadda, we blocked in on time. Then a late hotel van meant I arrived at the hotel 10 minutes after the show was to start.

I rushed to my room and turned on Amazing Race. It wasn't on this week. Bleh!

Decent 4 day trip.

This morning a storm blew into the overnight. Loud winds kept me up. Five twenty AM van. Six AM departure.  When we got to the gate we were told to call dispatch. Weather. Delayed by 30 minutes. Ugh.

Blocked out 42 minutes late. Long reroute around weather. Originally this was 7 hour 30 minute flight day with a 13 hour duty day.

Another gusty approach. Tower advised numerous aircraft reporting a loss of 20 knots at 50 feet. Captains leg, he kept the power in all the way to the ground.

Blocked in an hour late. Originally had a 90 minute sit. Now just thirty minutes. A few minutes after blocking in my next 5 hour turn cancelled due to weather. I had an eight hour sit!

Ironically I was in my former domicile. My house was just a few minutes away. Problem...I had no car. My wife dropped me off the day prior. Thankfully she has a flexible job and picked me up.

On my way out of the airport I wanted a cup of coffee. I was in line behind a solider in uniform. I wanted to buy his breakfast but he was too fast with his credit card. For whatever reason his didn't go through. I handed the cashier mine. Both the solider and I are both at work, the difference is I get to go home soon. Coffee in hand I met my wife outside of the airport.

I dropped her back off at work then went to pickup my daughter from daycare. Bonus time with my daughter!

At my airline I still get paid for cancelled flights. Not all airlines do this. I know of at least one other where pilots lose money for cancelled flights.

Weather is still in the area. If my overnight cancels I will get to spend the night at home. I doubt it will cancel though as it would be a nightmare getting me back into position tomorrow.

For now....I get to have play time with my daughter. This is day 2 of a 4 day. I commute home on Wednesday.

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