Monday, March 21, 2011

Got what I wanted....a commutable schedule

As previously posted I will be a commuter for the forseeable future.

During bidding I wanted a commutable schedule (being able to commute to and from on a work day), work weekends (cheaper for day care as my wife has weekends off) and maximize my vacation. I got everything I wanted.

My line was built with 15 days off. I get paid for 88 hours but only fly 85 hours. The difference is a dead head leg on a single day trip. The line has the single one day trip and four 4 day trips. The single one day trip is only commuteable on the front end meaning I will have to stay the night.

The four day trips start at 3PM on Fridays and terminates at 6:45PM on Mondays. I should be able to commute up on Friday morning and I have at least 3 flights to commute home on Friday nights. Should be pretty easy.

The legs per day for the 4 day trip sequences are pretty easy. It's 3-4-1-2. Meaning 3 legs the first day, 4 legs the second day, 1 leg the third day and 2 legs the last day. I leave my base on day one and don't return until day four....which is what I wanted as I don't care for this particular base/airport.

Because of my vacation I won't fly 2 of the 4 day trips. I will get paid for one of them, but the other will be without pay. It's complicated, but this is what I asked for the maximize my days off. I hope to pick up extra flying to make up the difference.


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