Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tomorrow is the next big day

Tomorrow night at this time I will be sitting in a simulator.

From what the training scheduler told me I am paired up with a new hire instead of a Captain. This will be interesting. It's only training (I get extra training since I was gone over my normal recurrent training month), but it helps when the person on the other side of the flight deck knows what they are doing and has been doing it for a while.

The same thing happened when I was hired.  I was paired with another First Officer. We both took turns in the Captain seat. We weren't graded for any actions done while sitting in the Captain seat (no need to memorize flows or certain test).

My "show" time is 8:30PM. The sim session starts at 10PM and ends at 2AM. Same thing Friday night. Saturday night is my check ride  .

For the first time in a few months I was able to bid for a schedule and have it count.

Next month I have a regular reserve line. Weekdays off. This used to be something I hated. Now it's not so bad as it will save us $60 a week on day care since my daughter will only have to go part time. Over the course of a year that's an extra $3000. Nice.

My twitter messages should ramp up again soon.

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