Friday, January 21, 2011

Blue up, Brown down....still applies

First night in the sim was a little rough.

I was happy to see I was paired with a pilot who is upgrading to Captain. He is upgrading after being a First Officer in a different type of airplane so it's a new seat and plane for him.

I flew first. My first takeoff was a 6-6-6 takeoff out of JFK with a 24K crosswind. Low vis + a crosswind for my first takeoff in months! It was okay....I got a little squirrelly right after rotation.

We then went through required items like an ILS PRM into PHL, windshear training, GPWS training, raw data (no flight director) ILS, takeoff aborts, unusual attitudes and more.

Tonight I simply have a practice check ride. Multiple approaches, V1 cuts and stalls. Pretty tired.

We finished at 2:30AM. I was home in bed by 2:50AM...fell asleep around 4:00AM. Woke up at 6AM to the sounds of my daughter waking up. Back to bed at 7AM. Woke up for good at 11AM. Groggy. Going to try to take one more nap before I go....then lots of caffeine.

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  1. Kind of a bummer that you have to work strange hours for sim sessions too - not just when flying the line. I guess it makes sense since the sims are so expensive, they want to utilize them as much as possible. Still doesn't make it easy!


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