Monday, October 18, 2010

Couldn't ask for better timing

Finished my overtime trip yesterday. Scheduled to land at 11:40 AM. My wife and daughter were scheduled to land at 11:30AM.

Overnight was at an airport I've been to just a handful of times. Large airport and a bit confusing.

I remembered there was something I was supposed to do prior to push back....but couldn't remember what it was. All checklist were done correctly. Hmmm....

We pushed back and I called to taxi. Ramp gave a spot number and away we went. When I called ground I was told ramp "pushed us the wrong way" and that we need to exit at the other end of the ramp. Ding! I was supposed to call metering who gives the runway. I then am supposed to tell ramp which runway. This isn't documented anywhere I know of....just one of those things you have to know.

No big deal.

Once at cruise ATC asked again for max forward as my flight was leading the pack. Smooth air... Mach .83 it was.

Nearing the airport I heard the call sign and flight number carrying my wife and daughter. The flight sounded like it was right behind me.

Beautiful day. Cleared for a visual while on the downwind. As I turned final I again heard the flight number my wife was on.

Touched down at 11:20AM. As the Captain taxi'd the plane to the gate, the plane carrying my wife and daughter touched down.

I walked out of the gate to see them both waiting for me. I couldn't have asked for better timing.

Today I flew my regular day trip. The winter winds are here a little early. Above FL300 headed west, winds were 80-100 knots on the nose.

Normally when my morning flight leaves on time we arrive 20-40 minutes early. Today we were right on time due the high head winds. Of course on the return flight we were 35 minutes early thanks to the tailwind.

Today is day 4 of 6. Wednesday I head home. My mother in law is flying in Wednesday night to watch my daughter while my wife and I head to Vegas for the weekend.

Even though I have 17 days off this month and could spent a lot of time at home, my wife is enjoying her last month off before returning to work by traveling. A lot. I think I have slept in my own bed 2 nights this month. The rest have been in hotels.

November 1st though....I become Mr. Mom.

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