Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sitting on MY own couch right now. Finished my trip at 12:20PM yesterday, had lunch and hopped on a 2PM flight home.

Including the commute flight home I was in the air almost 9 hours yesterday. Takes a toll on you.

I have to be back in my temporary domicile by 2:55PM tomorrow. Flights are full today and tomorrow mid-morning. I am going to have to take the 6AM flight out tomorrow. I will get in just after 10AM. Should have time to go back to my hotel for lunch and a nap before starting my trip.

Tomorrow is all overtime. I do 3 legs tomorrow, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday.

Sunday afternoon my wife and daughter are going to non-rev up to my temporary domicile. Her brother just bought a house up there. Should be fun.

Finally took some photos during my early morning turn. I will say it's nice to watch the sunrise while sipping coffee at 40,000 feet. Never gets old.

[nggallery id=50]

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