Monday, September 6, 2010

Making the best of it

Haven't flown yet. Sat airport reserve yesterday. Nothing. At the end of the shift the Captain (also TDY from my base) and I headed up to the city...after studying train routes.

We did alright. Saw quite a bit.

First stop was the American Museum of Natural History. Spent a good two hours there before heading to Ground Zero then Staten Island and finally Times Square. I ate Ray's Pizza for dinner...which annoyed my wife. Years ago we were here with her entire family. She wanted Ray's Pizza. It was her birthday. The rest of the family voted for Olive Garden thus we all ate at Olive Times New York. I did get her a souvenir menu though.

Today I was on a 2 hour call out. Nothing. Tomorrow will likely be the same. The next time I know I will fly? Friday night....when I commute home. Making the best of it. I will likely head back into the city again tomorrow.

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