Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Airline hiring picking up?

There is a little hiring going on. A friend of mine who was at the soon to be no more Lynx Aviation (Frontier regional) got a gig fairly quickly after leaving Lynx. It helped a lot that she is a very good pilot and has around 1000 or so hours of turbine time. She got hired at another regional flying Q400s. A few friends have been hired by American Eagle. From what I hear that airline is being very selective in hiring as the pool of pilots if much larger than the number of open slots. Delta has announced they will be hiring soon and Continental is recalling it's furloughs. So is this a turn around? Starving pilots want to know.

While walking across the employee lot this morning  I watched a few Caravans and Brasilias departing on cargo flights. I never did the cargo flying. From what I have read and heard, it's a whole different kind of flying. Long hours, sketchy planes and low pay. The benefits are....well boxes don't bitch....unlike passengers. The ironic thing is, until recently,  I wasn't qualified to fly for a cargo feeder....yet I could fly around living passengers.

The wireless access point I have been using in the crew room for about a year has stopped working. No idea who it belonged was simply called the infamous "Linksys". Annoyed. The wireless signal that covers the terminal area can't be picked up down in the basement where the crewroom is. Annoyed. I can tether through my phone every now and then, but being so far away from outside I can't pick up 3G. Thus I have to hang out in the terminal to use the Internet. Sitting around for 8 hours without wireless access is not something a geek enjoys. I ordered a Wi-Fire antenna from HField Technologies in hopes of pulling in the wifi signal from the terminal.

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