Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Whole Lotta Sitting Going On

I'm on day 4 of 6.

Sunday - Airport Standby 6AM-2PM...never called for a flight

Monday - Airport Standby 6AM-2PM...never called for a flight

Tuesday - Airport Standby 2PM-10PM...never called for a flight

Wednesday - Reserve Callout 10AM-2PM....called at 4:14PM as I was heading out the door to take my wife to dinner for her birthday.

Thankfully I was just called to go sit...Airport Standby at 6:15PM. I changed into my uniform pants and shoes and put on a polo. I tossed my uniform shirt in the car. After dinner my wife dropped me off and here I sit until 10PM. Tomorrow I was going to have....Airport standby from 6AM-2PM. No longer legal for it. Now I will likely be on a reserve call out again from 10AM-2PM. My last day of reserve for the week will be on Friday...marking 6 days in a row. Ouch.

If I was a commuter I would be hating life as I would be paying for either a crash pad or hotel each night. Things could always be worse. I don't see myself flying anywhere tonight.....just a whole lotta sitting going on.


  1. Wow thats sounds boring...... so just so I understand .... there is no money going into your pocket for sitting on standby?

  2. I get my reserve guarantee each day I sit standby + 8 hours of per diem


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