Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it July yet?

March starts with me going back to daily airport reserve as my line. I welcome this as I didn't like being on reserve as THE junior man.

Being the most junior I was up for any and all assignments. At first I welcomed a change from the monotony of airport reserve. That lasted until my 5th or so deadhead flight. I also didn't like the mix of morning airport reserve followed by afternoon airport reserve followed by morning call out reserve. No thanks.

For March I have partial weekends off (Thurs-Saturday). Not bad at all. I don't go in till 2PM on Sunday.

I only flew about 35 hours last month.

With my kiddo on the way my mind has turned to FMLA.

FMLA will allow me to be at home with the kiddo as much as I need....up to 12 weeks. Of course this is unpaid time off. Instead of burning all 12 weeks at once, I will use mine strategically.

I plan on using time off for the holidays for sure. One crappy thing about non-revving without permission of the Chief Pilot. Kinda crappy but whatever.

I will likely keep my afternoon airport reserve line thru June. In July I get 5-6 pilots under me as base swaps start. By the end of the year I will have at least 11 pilots under me thru base swaps. Not too shabby. I could possibly be.....a line holder. Who knows.

I turn a year older soon....the big 33. Thinking about heading to Vegas for my birthday. Just have to somehow get my wife to approve it.

The story about the kid in the control tower in New York is being overblown. As pilots we know what to expect for radio communications. With the dad standing right there, I don't see how anything bad could have happened. If the dad was out smoking a cigarette and left the kid in charge, then yes I would see a problem.

Ready for summer. Seeing snow all the time gets depressing. I've been using Google to search for make sure I don't forget what the sun looks like.

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