Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got the overnight!

Sure enough we got the overnight. The entire crew was composed of reserves. Flight was scheduled to leave at 5:20PM. The inbound plane didn't arrive until 5:15PM.

As I setup my side of the plane I noticed something missing...the mike muff for my UFlyMike setup. Ugh. I thought I could get by without it. Nope. The intercom worked fine, but when I tried to talk to ATC my transmissions were garbled. The prices for mike muffs are ridiculous BTW....$5 for a piece of foam....really?

We blocked out at 6PM.

The departure line was long. Really long. We were number 15 for takeoff. Ouch. Tower advised to monitor clearance for a reroute for weather. I monitored and heard our flight number. I began copying down the clearance. Right away I realized it was the same clearance that came up on the PDC. I read it back and advised it was our filed route. The controller came back stating there had be an interim reroute but was changed back to the original. Hmmm ok.

By the time we reached the hold short line, the crew that was supposed to fly this flight touched down. It was good for them as the flight I was assigned was the end of their 4 day. They got to go home and get paid for the trip!

During climb out we contacted departure who cleared us to a fix NOT on our flight plan. After a few exchanges we were given a heading, fix and....tada....a reroute! Apparently in the last 5 minutes things changed. Copying down the clearance while getting bumped around wasn't easy for the Captain.

My leg. Already late. Overnight was scheduled for 9 hours. Leaving so late is was down to 8 hours 25 minutes. I cruised at Mach .80 at FL380.

During the 2 1/2 hours Paul, the Captain, and I caught up on what's going on in each others world.

Entering the terminal area we could see the airport 35 miles out. ATIS had arrivals on 28R. For the last few months every time I was assigned 28R we landed on 28L. Sure enough once I turned final they offered up 28L. We accepted.

Smooth turn to the left and I lined up. Paul setup the FMS and tuned in the ILS as a backup.

We blocked in at 9:33PM.....43 minutes late. Overnight down to 8 hours 22 minutes.

I slept well for such a short overnight. I woke up several times like I normally do on short overnights...I worry about over sleeping. Never happened...but I worry.

At 5:52AM I walked out the hotel room door. The flight attendant walked out of her door at the same time. She also mentioned how she didn't sleep well as she woke up several times too check the clock.

We both arrived in the lobby to see Paul waiting. We all loaded up in the hotel van at 6AM.

This airport, like many, doesn't have full crew line. We have a special entrance to bypass the line, but then have to wait in the same screening line as the public. We are all much faster than 99% of passengers. Paul was first and politely cut in line. I followed suite. Once clear we all scattered for breakfast. I bypassed Dunkin Donuts......which was a mistake. The line I took at the bagel shop was short, but the two passengers ahead of me didn't "get it". They took a while to order...fine. Then when told to move down...they just stood there. The employee behind the counter blared out, "Next!".  I placed my order over their shoulder.

When I arrived at the gate I saw a whole crew waiting there. Didn't think much of it. I greeted them then went down to the plane. As I sat down I realized it wasn't the same plane as we brought in last night. When I checked last night I was flying the same plane I flew in. Hmmm. The other crew was supposed to leave at 6AM. Due to weather they were delayed. The outstation and dispatch worked out for us to take their plane. Hmmm....

After the pre-flight I pulled out the company David Clark headset. I didn't feel like messing with my headset and the missing muff. After wiping the David Clark down with alcohol pads, I placed it on the hanger. I then noticed the MEL stickers. The plane we flew in was perfect. This one was not. Nothing major. One thing did bother Paul and I. A "Prox Sys 2 Fault" EICAS message.

All over the plane are proximity switches that are used to check the state of various doors and aircraft surfaces. If one is out of whack or "unknown", a "Prox Sys 2 Fault" might be displayed.

Now 99% of the time it's the nose strut switch that causes the Prox Sys 2 Fault. Once enough weight gets on the nose (through pax boarding) the message goes out. Sometimes though it's something else. Paul and I discussed it and bet on it going out. As the flight attendant closed the door the nose went down a tad.....and the message went away.

Blocked out on time. Slight frost on the wings required a deice. Just type 1.

Lots of turbulence over the US today. We didn't find smooth air even at FL 390. The ride didn't smooth out until we were 50 minutes out.

[singlepic id=441 w=640 h=480 float=]

Coming in we were assigned the runway furthest from our gate. Eh. Then approach called out a 777 at 1 o'clock and 12 miles. We saw it. We were then cleared to follow him and assigned the  runway closest to the gate. Score!

We blocked in 15 minutes early and the Captain and I were both released!

My wife is flying out for work today. Since I was released I GET to watch her dogs instead of her taking them to the kennel. She prefers a dog sitter, but because of my erratic schedule it's easier to use the kennel. She comes back late tomorrow night. I am off until 2PM tomorrow. Just me and the dogs. Yay!

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