Friday, April 5, 2024

Check Ride Day

 I've lost count on how many check ride events I have had in my career. I'm at the point now where check rides do not stress me out. 

Today is my MV....Maneuvers Validation day. 

Here's what must be is in my Sim Training Guide.

  • Takeoff
    • Rejected Takeoff (as a crew)
    • Engine Failure (1 per pilot)
  • Cat II/III Approach - One Per Crew
    • Cat II or III using the lowest approach minimums for the airplane. Can be to landing or missed.
  • Cat I Approach
    • ILS - 2 per crew. One as Pilot Flying and One Pilot monitoring to lowest minimums. Landing or missed.
      • at least one approach per CREW must be manually flown to lowest minimums
  • Non-ILS (2 per crew 1 Pilot Flying, 1 Pilot Monitoring)
  • Go Around/Missed Approach (1 per pilot at Pilot Flying)
  • Landing
    • At least 2 visual landings per pilot as Pilot Flying
  • System Emergency/Abnormal/Non-Normal 2 per crew
    • Flight Controls at least one of the following
    • Hydraulics (at least one of the following)
That's it. That's all I will be evaluated on today. 

I started preparing for this two months ago.

Yesterday was our second day in the sim with a Check Pilot (used to be Check Airman....ok now called Check Pilot).

Was I perfect? No. I made one error. 

During an ILS approach when I am not flying I am looking outside to see either the approach lights or runway. I am only supposed to saw these words; Approach Lights, Runway, No Contact. 

In the real world....for the average Cat I ILS we go as low as 200 feet and I've always seen the approach lights or runway. There's expectation bias.

We were in the sim and the reported weather was 1/2 mile and 200 foot ceilings. I was expecting to see something. My eyes were laser focused. I heard "100 above" and man I was looking. At minimums....I didn't say "No Contact!" The Captain still went around. There are safe guards in place thankfully.

Beyond that we had a great sim event. 

Though this portion of training is much better than classroom....I do miss airports. 

Unlike check rides for my first ratings...there is no oral exam. The system test takes place of the oral. I find that odd. I appreciate not having that extra layer of stress but....I dunno....I think it makes for a higher level of pilot knowing they have to prepare to answer system questions verbally.

I have a LOFT flight tomorrow which is a semi training flight in real time then a LOE flight on Sunday which is a checking flight in real time. 

Once done I have a bunch more classroom stuff to prepare me to fly overseas. and then another sim. Final day in the school house is right before taxes are due....which I still need to finish. 

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