Thursday, August 27, 2020


 If you follow aviation...or just watch the news then you know it has been a bad week for United States legacy airlines this week.

Delta announced 1,941 furloughs...then American announced 1605 furlough....and United came in with 2850 furloughs. 

Each number is a pilot...and person...with a family. Massive numbers. 

I am safe at American by 25. That's it. Those that have been reading my blogs for a while might remember I was hired by AA outside of flow. If I had not been fortunate to earn an interview (through heavy networking, volunteering and determination) I would have flowed a year later....and be subject to being furloughed. Twenty-Five.

Currently on my last Anchorage, Alaska trip. Tired. Long 7 hour flight up. Time to rest. Quite the emotional roller coaster lately with all the news. 


  1. Glad your safe man. Also sick to my stomach for the ones that will get furloughed, and for everyone that has lost their jobs because of Covid. Hopefully we bounce back soon.

  2. As unfortunate as the numbers are... Glad to hear you are safe. I’ve been following your posts since before I started flying, I’m at Eagle now. Similarly safe by a very slim margin. Thank you for your posts, you were a big part of how I learned what life as a airline pilot would be like. You are an inspiration to so many. Keep on keeping on and stay safe!

    1. I do miss Eagle/Envoy every now and then. It was a different kind of flying and airline. This is just a little light turbulence...hopefully it will smooth out soon. If we cross paths the coffee is on me...unless it's on an overnight then maybe something a little stronger.

    2. I’ll take you up on that. I don’t forget.


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