Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Final Descent

I am sitting in the crew room of another domicile. I have a 3 hour sit. I don't like coming down here as it looks like a homeless shelter. This is a very heavy commuter base so lots of people sleeping...sitting around....laying around.

I am on my last ever 4 day trip at my airline. I took the first leg today. My First Officer is a new hire. Nice guy. Former military.

Normally in my downtime between flights I check out open trips for extra money or look for trips to trade. Right now my schedule is empty. There's nothing. Being the middle of the month I could alternatively look at trips for next month. But....I won't be here. It's a surreal feeling.

My last flight is a 5 AM departure from KICT on Saturday. Really early. Once I park my aircraft for the last time I will join my family for a trip to see extended family over Thanksgiving.

My first day at American is November 28th. My next trip at my current airline is supposed to be on the 24th. I put in my notice for my last day to be the 24th so I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. Because of this I had to do something I almost never do. I had to BUY AN AIRLINE TICKET to get back home.

It was a painful experience. I did get my employee discount there's that.

I have just 8 legs left. I will fly 5 of them as the last leg is mine.

Ten years. A little more than 6400 hours of airline flight time. It's been a very interesting experience.

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