Sunday, September 11, 2016

Top of Descent

I'm halfway through my training for my new aircraft.

My First Officer is a new hire. Not the youngest but it's their first airline gig. Prior to my airline my First Officer flew corporate.

The new aircraft is much more sophisticated than my previous two. The new plane is a ERJ-175.

The new tech for me included coupled V-NAV, Auto-throttles a CCD (device like a mousepad used to control the screens) and emergency slides. There's more but those are the biggies.

I've taken the written exam and have my oral exam at the end of the week. After that it's off to a different city for simulator training.

I should be back on the line and in the air in October.

In August I attended my last job fair (I think). I'm done paying for them. I'm making good money, live in base and am a Captain. I might just hang out for a bit.


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