Monday, June 16, 2014

Papa's got a reskinned bag

I bought my current Strong Bag over 3 years ago. It's held up very well overall. I did have to replace the J-hook once under warranty and my tote was replaced by my own expense after I overstuffed it one to many times and really damaged the zipper.

The actual Strong Bag was fine until once again while on a 4 day two months ago, with really long overnights, I overpacked and.........damaged a zipper. The seams of the zipper had come apart. I sewed it back up. Then the track became damaged. It was time to put in a permanent fix.

I ordered a new skin for the bag.

The Strong Bag comes with a 3 year warranty. I am out of warranty. I did however purchase the Strong Bag with my American Express. Amex gives an extra year of warranty coverage for free. Of course I remembered this after I ordered a new skin. Amex approved the claim and refunded the entire purchase price of the original bag so I can buy it again (this is how they've handled all the claims I've made, full refund.) Since I had already ordered a skin I figured I would try that first.

Taking the skin off wasn't easy as it's a very well made bag. It took about 2 hours to get the skin off and new skin on. Over the years more than one ramper has manhandled my bag as the frame was slightly concave. A few whacks with a rubber mallet straightened it out. The original bag would still be 100% fine if I didn't overpack. The new skin should carry me at least another 3 years.

Time to pack for my 2 day trip.

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  1. Considering the use/abuse that a pilot's bags endure, three years is not bad. And yes, you nailed it with AMEX. If I have the slightest doubt about any purchased hard goods, is is always AMEX.


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