Friday, February 21, 2014

Another trip done

Had a fairly easy 4 day trip this week. Had a very nice crew and no weather or mechanical issues.

The Captain was new to me and very nice....but kinda lazy in the flight deck. He would arrive 5-10 minutes for departure or just sit there and play on his phone. Not once did he pick up a clearance via voice or ACARS. I thought for sure when we had a quick turn he would do something productive while I was out in 30 MPH winds with an air temperature of 15 degrees on a preflight. Nope. Not once did he program the FMS. He just waited for everything to be done. More than once I had to tell him to call for the flight release to be brought back to the flight deck as he forgot something. It was good Captain training for me.

I took a few photos on the trip Once again I flew through O'hare. He had never been there before as a Captain. I rarely go through there but knew enough to help him out with taxi procedures, runway expectations and general operations.


The top three photos are of frozen Chicago. All taken above 10,000 feet in non-sterile cockpit environment. cockpitgeek20144 cockpitgeek20143 cockpitgeek20142


I don't care for how the O'hare airport operates. I do appreciate the variety of food options though. I was able to score a vegan salad and raw bar!



On one of my flights there were two crying babies. My Flight Attendant apparently didn't care for babies given the note on the bottom of the passenger count "form". There is an official passenger count form, but I only see it a few times a year from new Flight Attendants. Most of the time the count is written on the back of a napkin. cockpitgeek20140

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  1. Hey, thanks for including pics!! That passenger count is effing hilarious, hope it wasn't a long leg for the sake of the other pax! I spent 7 hours in ORD last November, they issued my wife with a new boarding card she went out so often for a cigarette the security run out of room to sign it...
    I have 10 hours on a 787 for the first time on Sunday to the Maldives, can't wait.
    Great post, as always - shame we live in a world where you have to add the non-sterile +10k rider

    D from the UK


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