Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm not tired anymore

Starting this month I won't be tired's about time.

In the past I would have just 8 1/2 hours to leave an airport and return. Very little sleep. Now I have at least 10. The more important number is 8 hours of opportunity for sleep.

The rules are quiet different than the past and I'm still digging into them. My union has an app that helps figure out legalities. This morning for example I had a 4:15AM report time. In the past I could work until 6:15PM. With the new rules I could not work past 2:15PM. Much better.

Just finished a 4 day trip. I took lots of notes on how not to be a Captain. The guy I flew with is 64 years and 11 month old. On his way out. On more than one occasion I had to speak up and stand my ground to protect myself as I have 28 years of flying left.

I have just one 4 day trip left for the month.

This morning was just one leg in...done at 8:00 AM. Time to hang out with my family....almost like a day off.


  1. Well said and I DO understand... sort of. The New Rules are great for you guys and gals, but they do not replace the huge measure of Personal Responsibility. We know that you live at your base and do not commute before flying. That is a great QOL choice and great for your family. Work the rules as you see fit, but please do not take any disputes into the cockpit; once you enter that space it should be 110% professional, nasty captains and bad ATC aside. Your upgrade will come. Per your notes, perhaps this year? When it comes, please honor the seat with the best that you can offer. It is NOT about getting back to base and family, but keeping your pax safe. Life as a Commander will be different. Sometimes it may not agree with your personal needs or schedule. Please, fly safe and, as a captain, consider your human freight. At some point it WILL make a difference. You will make the upgrade in due time, but you probably won't like the new schedule. We'll hear about it... Flying in the left seat is different. Your already know some if the differences, but ha-ha-ha you will learn more. I'm cheering for you, but I'm **not quite sure** that your head is in Captain mode. Think it through. Use the examples that you have cites here and... what would you have done? The left seat is a Huge responsibility. We know that you can fly it, but can you brain it as well? Best wishes, -C

  2. Happy New Year!

    Given there are only so many hours in a day, does greater rest mean you are reducing your opportunity to earn or do you think your pay will be unaffected?

    Imagine trying to keep up with these new regs if smartphones were not invented!!

    Perhaps you could put a post together about your experience with that soon-to-retire captain - sounds interesting..

    On a side note, my wife and I flew to the states for the first time together last October - we had the most wonderful time! Got to fly on the MD-80 and the Junglebus while there, great experience all round and will definitely return!

    All the best for 2014

    Dave from the UK :)

  3. You are doing a good job mate. Keep up ;-)


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