Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day Trippin'

Three, one day trips in a row. Not my cup of tea.

Even though I drive a car that gets 48 MPG....and live just 10 miles from the airport....I don't care for driving to and from the airport everyday.

The first day trip was Sunday. One 5 hour domestic turn. Being a Sunday my wife dropped me off and picked me up. Nice to have a driver!

Monday and Tuesday were 4 leg days. Both had a trip across the border.

Last month I was approved for the Global Entry program. It was $100....not cheap, but I get to breeze thru customs AND get TSA Precheck when I travel in normal clothes.

I flew with the same Captain both Monday and Tuesday. Very senior but relaxed. He's 59 and hoping to stick around 2 more years before retiring.

It's been years since I have overnighted out of the country. I don't get any additional money for flying internationally. It's more of a hassle as I can't bring the same food I would for domestic trips. The same rules apply for a turn, but since I never leave the footprint of the plane there is less to worry about. Any food I bring can be eaten before I arrive back in the United States.

I used Global Entry for the first time on Monday. Amazingly simple.

Off for four days.  I start my October line 3 day trips on Sunday.

There's been a good amount of movement at my airline lately. Hoping this time next year I will have a fourth stripe...or maybe a gig at a major. I took the first step of moving on by applying to a Major airline next week. I'm one of hundreds of regional First Officers, but if I don't apply....they can't say no.,


  1. Best of luck, I know its a long process but if you are successful - I hope you can still blog.

    I doubt you'll ever win any awards but I do enjoy your blog!


  2. I have no desire to win an award...I blog as a way of freeing my mind and giving a peek into the career for others.

  3. My apologies re awards - that's a British expression not to be taken literally! No need to publish, I have no wish to embarass..

  4. You British and "proper" English....we should all speak American! Ha! No worries!


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