Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting out on overnights

Most of the time I am a "slam clicker" on overnights. What's a "slam clicker" you ask? Well it's a name given to crew members who go to their hotel room, close the door and click the security latch....and never go out.

On an overnight in Sioux Falls. I've been here a few times. Last time was Christmas 2012. I got stuck here for a few days. There was no way I was going out in the freezing, snowy weather.

Right now it's nice out so I ventured out to the falls. It's a short walk from the hotel. Nearly every airline crew stays at the same hotel.


After the visit I ventured downtown and ate at a local diner. Very nice to get out.

On a 20 hour 3 day trip. That's a lot of flying as I typically have 19 hour 4 day trips. Today was long with 7 hours of flying over 3 legs. The next two days I transit another base before heading home on the last leg of 5 leg day on Friday.

It's nice to get out....hope to do it more....before winter....


  1. Did anyone go with you to the diner at least? Going out to me is 10 times more fun when you are with other people... How many people by your estimations go out on a regular basis vs stay in the room all the time?


  2. Nope I went solo. It varies but at my aging airline most people stay in.

  3. Whew that's a long one. I'm on a quick turn now will try to tackle this later


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