Friday, June 21, 2013

Moved in

All moved in to the new house and out of the old. Even though we moved just 5 miles away, it feels like we moved 100 miles away. Our house has been a sea of cardboard boxes, Styrofoam and plastic bags. Exhausted but happy to be in a new place. Back to work on Sunday.

I did get another 2 day back to back schedule for July. I start late Sundays and finish late Mondays. I then go back late Tuesday and finish mid-afternoon on Wednesdays.

Before June I never bid 2 day back to backs. I kinda wonder how long I could have held them. Finding a 2 day back to back that starts on Mondays that is compatible with daycare is a little hard, so I will be content with working weekends until I can hold 3 day trips again.

For now gonna watch Little Einsteins in my media room with my daughter. One hundred inches of Little Einstein.....gonna get some coffee first.

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