Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The most non-Interesting man in the world

Day 3 of 4.

Flying with a reserve Captain. He's pretty junior. He was previously an instructor on my aircraft and spent months away from the line while teaching.

It's always interesting flying with instructors as they are used to a perfect airplane and a perfect world (the sim). Airplanes aren't perfect. The aircraft I fly at my airline all have more than 15,000 hours on them. Hours of turbulence, rain, rough landings, gusty winds....they've been around. They all fly a little differently.

He's a nice guy but has no sense of humor. None. Nadda. Not a little bit of one. I like to have a good time. I joke around to help the day go by.

At first I thought he was just tired on day one. Nope. He doesn't talk much and ignores any attempt at humor.

For example this morning at breakfast he gave a crew briefing about the weather. When he was done I said, "Rain? Well it's still dark out and I don't fly in the dark, through rain and especially not through clouds." I chuckled at the end.

He gave me a blank stare. My Flight Attendant laughed. Eh. I mentioned this to a Senior Captain friend of mine. He said the guy I'm flying with is nice, but agreed no personality.

Beyond that it's interesting watching him fly. Very sim like....which doesn't always work in the real world. I've given up trying to have a conversation. It's clear he just may be the most non-interesting person in the world. I just read the checklist and looked out the window today.

Enough of that.

My house went on the market Sunday night. We had our first offer Monday afternoon. Just a tad less than list price. Today we had an offer for full list. Waiting on the paperwork. A bit stressful as my wife is the main point of contact while I'm on the road.

I arrived at my overnight at 10:30AM today. Early. I've been to this overnight many times. It's a Holiday Inn in the middle of nowhere.  Last week I made a car rental reservation using my airline discount. Scored an economy car for $19 all in. I then made a reservation to tour a local car manufacturing plant.

Before that I ate at a local resturant then drove around a bit. I then spent 2 hours with my jaw open. I love cars. I thought I knew how cars were made. I was wrong. Seeing the robots whiz around, sparks flying, parts moving, people was fascinating. I savored every moment.

Once done I hit another local eatery before heading back to the hotel.

Tomorrow will start a little early for me. The crew has a 5 AM van. I am going to leave at 4:45AM so I have time to return the rental car

Six o'clock departure. Five legs and seven hours of flying later I will be done just before 4PM.

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