Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flew one hour....paid for 19

I'm supposed to be preparing to fly to an overnight right now on leg 4 of a 3 day. I was looking forward to the overnight hotel as it's a Holiday Inn Express (warm cinnamon rolls FTW!). Instead I'm on my couch.

As I said in my last post I dropped my flying on day 1 (Monday) of my 4 day trip. The flying removed was worth 7 hours. I used "vacation" time to cover that portion so I still get paid for that portion.

I then had a 3 day trip worth 12 hours but it had 10 legs. I traded that trip for a trip worth 12 hours 5 minutes but had just 8 legs. Both trips started on Tuesday.

Before I left home my first turn on Tuesday cancelled. Due to our contract I still had to report to the airport at my scheduled report time of 5:40PM. Fine.

I signed in for my trip then found dinner. While eating dinner in the crew room I caught up with some co-workers I had not seen in a while.

Eventually it came time for my only flight of the day to depart at 9:50PM.

I had my pre-flight done and was ready to go at 9:30PM. Problem was I was all alone in the plane.

Odd. I headed up to the gate. There I found two Captains and one Flight Attendant waiting around. One Captain was mine, the other two crew members were deadheading. My Flight Attendant was out flying with an ETA of 10:15PM. Back down to the flight deck I went.

My Captain joined me around 9:45PM. The deadheading Fight Attendant came down and agreed to board the flight while waiting for the working flight attendant. We can't board without a Flight Attendant on board and pilots can't substitute.

Boarded up we waited....and waited....and 10:34PM we pushed out.

Quick one hour and two minute flight. Arrived at 11:36PM. We got to the hotel at five minutes past midnight.

I slept decently. This morning crap hit the fan big time. We had an 11:55AM van time. Around 9:30AM all my flights for the day cancelled due to weather. All of them. I only had one leg on day 3.


Scheduling was working like mad to fix flight crew schedules. When weather happens it causes havoc for airlines. Airlines HATE cancelling flights. Seriously. It's a huge headache as planes, flight crew members and passengers all must be rescheduled.

I watched my schedule for a bit. I know better than to call when weather hits. It was kinda funny for a while as they had me flying from a hub (not my base!) to an overnight....but they didn't have a way of getting me from the out station to the hub.

Eventually they gave up. I was put on a deadhead flight to base....and I was done. I only had one leg on day 3. The rest of my crew was also on a deadhead, but they were on a 4 day trip so they go back in tomorrow to finish their trip.

I flew just 1 hour and 2 minutes, but since I have cancellation pay I get the full 19 hours.

Off till Monday. Between now and then I have to set up my preferences for Mays bid.

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