Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I don't know about March

Only the second day of my 4 day trip....and I'm not happy.

I am scheduled to have the same 20 1/2 hour four day trip all month. The trip is a 3-4-4-5 trip. This means 3 legs day one, 4 legs on days two and three and 5 legs on day 4.  I loathe 5 leg days.

Day one started with a 5PM departure. The first turn was the longest in the trip at 4 hours 5 minutes. The rest of the legs are under an hour and a half.

Years ago when I flew a larger plane I typically had 3-2-2-3 trips worth 24 hours. Easy trips.....long legs....less work. Of course I was displaced out of that plane. I could have stayed on the plane if I chose to commute. I chose to live in base vs commute. Thus I now have trips with more legs and shorter stage lengths, but I can drive home at the end of my day versus stress over making a flight.

I'm pondering trading around the rest of the month.

Day one ended at midnight. Quite late. Don't care for flying so late at night.

My Captain this month is a nice guy. Very senior, quiet and reserved. Not much in common, but it's fine.

My wife and I have discussed me moving on to another airline. Right now I'm content. I'm not ready to chase a paycheck and mess up my quality of life.

One bright side of March....I turn 36 this month.


  1. Happy birthday! If you're going to change airlines, would it make sense to go to the majors?

  2. Yes. I do not plan on making a lateral move to another regional. A big issue is most major cities only have one major airline...thus if I want to stay where I am (and I do seeing as I'm buying a new house), I will have to get on with my major airline partner.

  3. If you go to your major partner, do you start over on the seniority list?

  4. Bottom of the barrel. It's a huge hit to QOL. We did it to ourselves, a national seniority list would fix everything.. Not going to hold my breath.


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