Thursday, December 13, 2012


My family will be moving soon. My wife and mother in law decided that our current 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2000 square foot house....isn't enough for my family of 3. Hmmm k.

We are moving a whole 4 miles away to a new community going up. One thing I was concerned about was airplane noise. I live within 15 miles of my base. I know the departure procedures and routes. I made sure the new house wouldn't be under the departure or arrival corridors. Thankfully it's not.

The house is about 3 miles north of a major turning point on several departures and about 5 miles north or arrival corridors. Should be good.

I bet I'm in a very minority of people who study such things before buying a house.

One perk of the new place (a giant 2700 square foot house!) is a I get my own media room. A true man cave. Nice.


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  1. Congradulations! Good luck with the move.


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