Monday, September 10, 2012

Too much on my plate

So last week our home AC went out. We live in an area where ya gotta have AC.

I've been dealing with repairmen since then. It got so warm I went out and spent $400 on a portable AC unit I can wheel around the house. We did spend one night in a hotel it got so bad.

All this time I was in and out of the sim and studying. I was juggling sim, studying and getting my house fixed. Trying to do it all.

On the day of my oral I was fatigued....but didn't know just how fatigued.

Sunday morning I got home from the sim at 2:40AM. I fell asleep around 3:30AM. I woke up around 9AM. Not a lot of sleep.

Warm house. Repairmen in and out. Tired. I should have just fatigued the oral. The check airmen stated, "Once you click here the oral begins, don't click if you aren't physically ready."

I clicked. I was in the "complete the mission" mentality. Up to that point I had never failed a checking event.

I failed. On things I knew. I just couldn't come up with the answers. It was like I was drunk...nothing made sense. I understood the questions....easy stuff like what I do when I walk into the flight deck for the first time of the day. Things I have done 3 to 4 times a week for a year....I could not explain.

Once I got home and rested I realized I was fatigued....but it was to late.

Sunday I was "retrained". Four hours in a briefing room going through the remainder of the oral items including what I missed. The instructor corrected me on a few minor items and signed me off.

This morning....I had my McGriddle.

This afternoon I went back to the training center...and aced it.

My sim is now tomorrow morning with a 5AM show time. I'm glad my local McDonalds is open 24/7.

Wednesday night I go in at 8:30PM from a 10PM sim for a Line Oriented Flight Training session...or LOFT. It's two real flights done in real time from start to finish....with lots of issues to deal with.

I finish that at 2AM Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon....I head to Germany.


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  2. Good job getting through the second time! I guess it's just another lesson about the insidious nature of fatigue. Good luck on the LOFT and don't forget the McGriddle! :)


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