Monday, April 16, 2012

Working on the Night Shift

Last trip ended fine. Musical captains because my line Captain had jury duty.

Enjoying my days off...kinda.

I drive an older model Prius (older being's a 2004). It's paid off...used to be the daily driver for my wife. She has a new fancy Prius now (she's a tree hugger, I could care less).

Anyway my brake light went would think it would be an easy fix. I have done super basic work on my cars for years. Well for the Gen 2 Prius 2004-2009...the brake lights are fancy LEDs. If the brake lights must replace the entire tail lamp. The whole thing. Not cheap. Best I could find was $125. I did the work myself. Saved $150 in labor cost versus going to the dealer. Took about an hour. What does this have to do with flying? Nothing. Just how I spent part of my days off.

My next trip was originally a 6AM start on Wednesday and a 5PM finish on Friday. I didn't like it.

I traded for a 1PM Wednesday start and a 9PM finish on Friday.  This way I could take my daughter to day care and my wife could go to work at her normal time on Wednesday. Fine.

Well a few days ago that trip looked not so great either. The trip was 14 legs worth 17 hours. Lots of ups and downs. There must be something better.

I ended up trading that trip for a a pair of two day trips. They are known as 2 day back to backs.

Now I go in at 8:15PM Tuesday night and finish at 10PM on Wednesday. I go back in at 7:30PM Thursday night and finish at 9PM Friday. I now get all day with my Daughter on Thursday while before I would be sitting in a hotel room. I do finish late Friday night....but eh.

I would love to have a line full of 2 day back to backs like this, but they are rare. It's more time at home but you  work more days on paper. I say on paper because even though Tuesday is a work day I don't go in until late at night. Same goes for Thursday. I'm working the night shift.

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