Friday, February 10, 2012

Fat Secret

Leaving on a 3 day tomorrow. Packing a bit extra for the trip.

I had a REALLY good week long vacation in Hawaii. How good? I gained 10 pounds. Booo.

So this week I hit up and started using the app and software to track my eating again. I've used the site/app for a while. It's a totally free service and I get no revenue from them so don't think I'm mentioning the site to make money.

There is an app for iOs and Android. Works for me.

After putting in all my data it says I can eat about 2600 calories a day and loose weight. To do that I've been eating fish, rice and fresh vegetables this week. I feel a lot better. I've also been avoiding processed foods.

This is easy while at home. On the road. Not so much. Fresh foods don't exist much in airports and when they are there....they are expensive. So I compromise...and plan.

I'm gone for 2 nights. This is the food I have packed away:

2 Oranges (breakfast)

4 Celemintines (snack in route)

2 Healthy Choice Steamer Meals (dinners)

3 Thomas Bagels in a freezer bag (breakfast)

2 Lara Bars (lunch/snack)

2 Cliff Bars (lunch/snack)

1 container of cinnamon almonds (my sweet vice)

All inside my suitcase with my clothes, Roku box...and all my other stuff.

More than enough food. I won't eat it all. I pack it so I have options....and reasons NOT to go out. It helps I know both hotels I will stay in (Wingate and a Holiday Inn Express) both have Microwaves and Fridges in the room. None of my food needs refrigeration....but still nice to have.

I'm all out of GoPicnic meals this week. I ordered 18 meals from their website with a 40% off coupon for taking a survey. The discount brings them down to $2.37 a piece...far cheaper than the $3.99 in store or $3.61 from Amazon. I might have to order another shipment.

And with first post in a long time that doesn't directly mention flying.


  1. Hello there,

    I I was concerned about health of my new bought kitten, I also started to be concerned about my healt (41 y.o.)
    And I find a way of eating where I'm not hungry, but loose weight to some extent.
    It's called paleo-diet.
    To make the story short: cut to 0 all wheat meal (including rice, soya, corn) - in place of - use vegetables, stop using sugar added to meals, 
    eat as much meat as you need, but try to use either lean meat, or grass-fed meat, eat fishes, use oliven oil.

    After so much years of traditional western eating I find especially hard not to use sugar for coffee, or tea (here I'm cheating - use half a spoon of brown with coffee, and a handful of raising or cranberries - with tea).

    Give it a try for a month.
    (if you want more details - find books with paleo in title).
    So I loose 82->76kg in 1.5month. Now the weight stays still, but it don't bothers me.

    If you want to excercise - try "Swing" - with a kettlebell - find on youtube.
    It recruits many muscles in one single excercise.


  2. Sounds like a good plan to me.  I can imagine how nice and fresh the flightdeck will smell while eating your clementines...mmmm

    I can only compare what you must go through on the road with my vacations. Just one whole day eating all three meals at restaurants is enough for me! UGH!

  3. I appreciate your feedback....I'm pretty sure something was lost in translation though.


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