Monday, January 30, 2012

Whose Flight Is It Anyway?

Done with my awesome month of stellar 3 day trips. I loved the sequences. They were all the same...and easy.

Since I did the same trips, and thus stayed in the same hotels (at one hotel the exact same room each week....a little odd), I decided to pack my food for the trip.

Instead of eating out...and eating a lot...I brought my own. Each hotel had a microwave and fridge in the room. I packed along healthy choice steamer meals, oranges and my new favorite meals "GoPicnic" meals.

GoPicnic has a line of meals on the go that require no fridge, are healthy and all natural. They are mostly high in protein so I feel fuller longer. My favorite is the hummus and crackers followed by the turkey pepperoni. I buy them from Amazon for super cheap.

My no eating out worked...except for day two when I was one GoPicnic meal short. Eh. I tried.

Nothing terribly exciting on the trip. I had musical Captains as my regular Captain was removed from the first day and a half due to a 30 in 7 conflict.

On the last leg of the trip my Captain was flying and I was on the radios. Cruising along at FL380...all was great. I was just looking ahead at a contrail of an aircraft 10 miles ahead on the same routing. The use of GPS and FMS has made airways very compact. Sometimes it's neat...sometimes annoying as we go through the exact same air as a preceding aircraft...which might be a heavy.

Anyways I was just watching the contrail when I heard my flight number in my ears along with "contact center on 124.95". I didn't respond. It was repeated. I then looked over at the Captain and said, "Hey they want us on 124.95". He just said "yeah I know...remember I'm flying." Doh! I had flown the first 2 legs of the day and my mind was stuck in flying mode. Made for a funny moment.

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Off for 4 days. I start a truly crappy 3 day on Saturday. Just for comparison my 3 day this month was worth 20 hours and change. Only had a single 2 hour sit.

My next 3 day trip is worth 16 hours and has a huge 3 hour 20 minute sit. Just crap. I'm trying to trade it for a 2 day trip followed by a day trip. Hope it goes through.

Beyond that I was happy to hear a long time reader of this blog got hired at Expressjet. I met him once while on an overnight years ago. He built his hours the old fashioned way...getting flying in however he can. I have several friends at Expressjet and most are very happy. He's young and has 40+ years of flying ahead of him.

My airline hiring has slowed. I did see a new hire in the crew room the other day. They are easy to spot as they have super clean luggage, are quiet....and still own their souls. Ha!

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