Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'd do it for free

I had a great two days teaching the ATP RJ Course. I forgot how much I truly love teaching. My college plans were to originally become a High School teacher. My last semester I was student teaching and realized I never wanted to teach High School.

When I was a CFI I loved teaching. Seeing that spark light off in a student when concepts become clear excites me.

My students were very different.

One pilot had 4000+ hours and used to fly charter. He hasn't flown a jet in over 2 years and had never flown glass. He did the short course, he starts at Pinnacle Monday morning.

The next pilot had 400ish hours. Never flown glass. He is young but I could tell he really studied as he was right up on everything but made the normal mistakes a pilot new to glass/jets does.

The last pilot had 700ish hours including Beech 1900 time. He knew everything but had problems putting it all together in the FTD (like a Simulator but an FTD has no motion). He did very well after I gave him a few pointers. I have no doubt he will do well.

I would honestly teach the course for free as I love teaching. The pay is great though...icing on the cake. I did forget how much talking is involved. I talked my throat dry!

Busy couple of days coming up. I commute down tomorrow. Start my 4 day. Very easy.

Day one 4PM start , 3 legs (6 hours flying) and done by 11PM (same time zone).

Day 2 starts at 1PM, 2 long legs (6 hours flying) and back at the same hotel by 9PM.

Day 3 starts at 8AM two legs (total 5 hours flying) and in the hotel by 1PM (different time zone).

Day 4 one leg in and I deadhead home for vacation.

I arrive at my home airport at 2:30PM. I am going to rush home, grab my wife, daughter and vacation suitcase and head back to the airport for a 4:30PM flight.

Tonight I am packing my work suitcase AND a separate vacation suitcase.

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