Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tis the season

Fifteen feet above me is a terminal full of passengers yelling at gate agents (who all smile and politely restate what the policy is). Then there are passengers swearing they will never fly my airline again (I'm sure I will see them in the Spring....and Summer..and next Winter). I feel bad for the passengers as many will be sleeping in the airport or paying crazy amounts for a hotel room.

Bad weather days cost the airlines millions. The flying public thinks airlines love to just cancel flights. Nothing can be further from the truth. When weather goes bad airlines have to figure out how to get the right crews with the right airplanes in the right city all while respecting crews duty and rest requirements. True nightmare, especially if an airline has more than one fleet type.

Right now I am supposed to be at FL310. Instead I am in the crew room. The weather today has caused the airline to literally run out of flight attendants. There are no reserves left. My plane requires two. Right now they are trying to source one who is on the ground 200 miles away waiting to fly into base. That flight diverted after my base shutdown due to weather.

As I typed this my flight cancelled. Nice. Now to drive home in this crap.

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