Sunday, October 18, 2009

Serenity Now!

This is my first 5 day trip all year. Tired. Of my last 8 flights, 5 have been dead heads including one on the jump seat of an ERJ. I haven't actually flown a plane, the other three flights I was the non flying pilot.

First overnight was long, second was  8 hours long with only 7 hours in a hotel and I got maybe 5 hours sleep. Third night was long. Tonight is long but with a crazy early start tomorrow.

Tonight is my last night away from home. I did get too see my wife for 10 minutes yesterday and about an hour today.

Tomorrow is a 5 leg day. Van time is 4:30AM for a 5:40AM flight to base. Once there I do a quick two hour turn before sitting for 3 hours for a 4 hour turn finishing my day (I hope) at 5:25PM. Long day to say the least.

I will have a longer post about this trip sometime Tuesday. Mentally tired right now.

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