Friday, June 5, 2009

Supposed to be in the hotel van

I am supposed to be in the hotel van right now. The inbound flight is delayed. In fact it hasn't left the base yet.

The crew left my current out station this morning. They were simply supposed to fly to the base, turn around, and fly back using the same plane. Well that didn't happen.

Once they arrived their plane was sent elsewhere. This was likely due to 7 CRJs being down for mechanical this morning. The second plane they were given also had an problem. Now they are waiting on an inbound plane due in at 12:55PM. I am guessing they will leave around 1:45PM arriving here at 4:45PM. As of now we have a 3PM van. Now I have a problem.

I brought food to eat. I have one tuna snack pack, 2 ramen noodle packs and 2 fiber bars left. None sound appealing. I was going to hold out for the airport. With two hours left I have to eat something. Right now I am brewing hot water to clean the coffee pot.  I will then brew hot water and likely eat ramen noodles. Oh joy!

The good thing about the delays is our next turn was taken away and given to another crew as we would be over 2 hours late. We still have the flight to the overnight.

My wife is waiting at the airport for a flight over to NY for the weekend. Her flight is delayed due to weather in the NY area. A day of delays. Good times.

Tomorrow I am still scheduled to simply dead head home in the morning. Nice.

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