Thursday, June 18, 2009

Continental Captain Dies Mid-Flight

Another mistake by the media. First a pilot has died while enroute to Newark. Very sad indeed. The story below has a photo mistake....can you spot it?

HORROR: Continental Captain Dies Mid-Flight

Plane Departed From Brussels, Destined For Newark; Reserve Crew On Flight To Manage Emergency Landing


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Continental Airlines airplane (File)CAL

A Continental Airlines flight from Brussels will be making an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport after the plane's captain died mid-flight Thursday morning, CBS 2 has learned.

Federal Aviation Administration officials say Continental Flight 61 will land at Newark at noon. Newark was the flight's final destination. It left Brussels at 9:45 a.m.

It's not known what caused the pilot to become ill or how he died.

Officials say there are two first officers on the flight and a reserve crew as well. One of the first officers is piloting the plane.


Yeah it's an ERJ from Expressjet. The flight in question is actually a 777. There is another First Officer on board who is now sitting in the Captain seat.

Ok...back to sitting airport standby.
Stay with for more on this developing story.


  1. Sad news indeed. I wonder if he was at the controls when it happened. Does a 77 have a bunk for the crew when at rest? It will be interesting to learn how the crew handled the incident. Regardless, I am sure that it was a significant emotional event. RIP.

  2. An ERJ 135 That can make it to Brussels from EWR? im guessing there was 1 passenger on board as well as an extra 6 tanks in the cargo

  3. And in what sense will the landing at Newark be an emergency, given a fully functioning plane with more than enough pilots to fill the seats?

  4. Thats exactally what i would say. An ERJ? I mean i know that the media thinks that they can minipulate people, But for someone who isent in the airline industry. How can you think that a plane that small can cross the ocean?

  5. They also fail to mention that the First Officers land the plane regularly, and are in fact, type rated (with PIC types) for the international operations.

    Will the media ever get it right?

  6. Nope, I think that they either pruposley get it wrong. Or they just think that they know it all, And don't back up their facts.


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