Friday, June 5, 2009

One leg to the overnight

In base now. Flight was 3 hours late. Very upset passengers. We did everything we could to make them happy. We flew fast and the flight attendants comp'd all alcohol. Still upset. Can't please them all.

On the way we had a jumpseater on board. I talked to him a bit. He used to be at my airline back in 2001. He left for another airline which, at the time, had faster upgrades. Well things slowed. He just made Captain only to be displaced back to First Officer. He still lives near my base. While talking to him he said he wished he would have stayed. Even still he would barely be holding Captain, but would not be commuting. I asked if he was happy where he was, he said he wasn't. Different regional, same crap.

My next turn was canceled earlier since we arrived so late. Normally the flight would have been staffed by reserves....but there were none to be had. I find this ironic as my airline (like every other regional and most majors) furloughed pilots. Summer travel season hasn't even started yet....things will get much worse.

One leg left for this trip. Tomorrow morning I deadhead home. My company deadheads pilots depending on need. If I am needed for another flight then I am given "positive space", or a real confirmed seat. If I am simply deadheading home to go home, I am on standby. Nice huh? The outstation I am flying to has notoriously full flights. I checked in and am on standby. The flight is oversold by I don't know if I will take the jumpseat if forced to or not. Don't really need to be home. My wife is in NY right now. Eh.

One leg left....

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