Monday, March 13, 2017

A real line...but...well...I don't like it

Last month I held a pieced together line. This month I have a real line. The issue is...I don't like it. I work every weekend except one Saturday. So much for hanging with the family. Last month I had every weekend off except one Saturday.

Last month I flew in and out of Mexico and Canada. This month it's just Canada. It's still winter.

I have overnights on both coast of Canada....Calgary and Montreal. I prefer Montreal.

The term regional pilot is really being abused. Years ago it was a term for a pilot that flew a turboprop and made several stops to and from Hubs. Today it's vastly different.

This week I was sitting the Captain seat of a multi-million dollar airliner taking 76 people on a trip over 1300 Nautical Miles long. I flew across several regions. I began to think hard about the term regional pilot. It's now used as a label to get pilots to accept less compensation for a professional job. I won't get on my soap box....but the term...and the lower compensation need to go away.

Bidding for next month opens in two days. I'm going to bed lines with at least one weekend day off a week....then I'll just go back to reserve lines with weekends off....then any line I guess.

In April I will also pass one year as a there's that.