Thursday, August 11, 2016

My last dog and pony show....I think

Sorry for the lack of updates. Commuting makes me want to enjoy as much possible off time as possible.

I'm currently on vacation in the Outer Banks. When I get back I have 4 more days commuting then I hit long term training for a new aircraft.

Yesterday I left the vacation house at 4:50 AM, drove 90 minutes to Norfolk, hopped a ride to Chicago, rented a car, drove to the Westin, attended a job fair, drove back to the airport, hopped a ride back to Norfolk (ironically in the same tail number and same seat!) and pulled back into the vacation driveway at midnight.

I think that was my last dog and pony show.

I had a few minutes face to face with recruiters from Delta, United and American. There were other airlines there, but none that interested me.

Since I fly for free my total cost was $150 to attend the job fair plus another $100 for a rental car and gas.

Over the last two years I've spent more than $900 on job fairs.

In reality I don't want to commute the rest of my life. My family has a great house, my daughter has a great school and friends she enjoys. I can't see us moving just for my job. That means getting a job with my mainline partner since they have a base where I live. So all my focus will now be on getting a job with them.

I have about 150 hours of turbine Pilot In Command time. I should be flying again in October. Once I hit the line again I will be flying much more than I do now.

Back to vacation.