Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Aim to exceed

I'm currently in the Motor City on my second (and should be final) IOE trip.

The first trip was just under 10 hours. I need at least 15 to finish as I am a transitioning Captain. When I was a new Captain I needed 25 hours.

The first trip was fairly easy. I was thrown to the wolves right away with a 28 knot gusty direct crosswind landing. I am happy to report crosswinds in the 175 are much easier than the CRJ.

I was quite nervous when I went through my initial Captain flight in April. Now it's just natural.

The first IOE Captain said I was doing very well for how little time I had in the plane.

This new IOE Captain said he'd sign me off after just the second flight, but I only had 12 hours total. It's a great feeling to exceed expectations.

I won't say I'm an excellent pilot, I just prepare well and have a well thought out way of flying.

Tomorrow it's one flight to the HUB and then to Baltimore. I plan on taking a series of buses and trains to the National Mall in DC. It's a 20 hour overnight and I don't plan on spending it all at the airport hotel.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another Type Rating

Back at home. Simulator training complete.

The training wasn't "easy". I didn't feel stressed until the check ride (Maneuvers Validation in AQP world). It was normal, but odd to feel relaxed until that point.

The training was very different than my previous two. The training was NOT set up for new hires. A lot is skipped over and is assumed. My partner struggled the entire time, but also passed.

While in training a pilot I met up with many years ago (thanks to this blog!) was also there. Turns out he is an instructor for the same aircraft, but a different airline. Aviation is a small world. Nice chance meeting. I'm sure we will cross paths again.

For now I have two weeks off! Normally this would be great, but after being on the ground so long, I really want to fly. The timing works out well though as my wife has to travel next week for work. Since we have zero family in town, we both can't travel at the same time so it's nice that I'm off until the 14th and she comes back on the 13th.

In theory this should be my last new aircraft until I get picked up by the majors. Hopefully.