Monday, January 10, 2022

So....Year 5 pay coming up

 I'm still here. Tiktok has been my primary blogging platform of sorts. It takes WAY more time than this site....but it's a visual experience vs words and a few photos. 

I start year 5 pay in a few weeks. If I had bid LGA CA 737 I would soon be making $263 an hour....but I didn' I will be making $169 an hour. Those that have been following this from the beginning will remember when I made $24 an hour. 

Those not in the industry assume everyone wants to be Captain and make money. I am and have always put quality of life over money. Being at mainline I make plenty as a First Officer. No need to rush to Captain. I will likely head over to the 787 as a First Officer before bidding Airbus Captain anyway.

Beyond that...I'm happy. I am doing what I love. My goal was to one day be an airline pilot for a major airline. I have met my goal. 

The road here wasn't easy...but I am glad I took the jump. 

Questions? Fire away...but again...way more interaction on Tiktok.