Monday, June 29, 2009

Enough work, time to have lunch with my dad

Today was better than yesterday. The Captain I flew with today is a guy I had a hard line with last year. He is very easy going and fun to talk with. The flight was one leg out and then deadhead back.

Getting out was a chore. Delays. Shift change for the ramp crew happens AT 2PM. If any flight is scheduled to leave between 1:50PM and 2:10PM...good luck. We were supposed to leave at 1:40PM. Delays in boarding pushed us till 1:55PM. We were ready at 2PM. Due to shift change we didn't push out till 2:25PM. Nice.

For the deadhead back the outstation put the entire crew in row 1. Grrrrr. I hate sitting in row 1. Less legroom for one and it just looks odd as passengers board and see an entire crew sitting together. A few made funny comments, "Look honey, pilots don't even need to sit in the front anymore to fly these things," and "Ah, they put the crew in First Class". Of course there is no First Class on my plane. Whatever.

After getting back I made a trip over to where I accidentally left my Zune MP3 player. Gone. I have my name and phone number prominently displayed on the back of the MP3 player so whomever found it could easily call me. I called the lost and found department....they didn't have it.  I will stop by tomorrow morning and check again. Sad. I love my Zune!

Tomorrow I am going to fly to have lunch with my dad. He lives a few hundred miles away. Most people would simply drive a few times a year. I don't drive. I fly. I would normally rent a car once I got there, but rental car companies really gouge customers who rent a car for just a few hours. It is normally cheaper to rent a car for 24 hours versus 4 hours. Even with my employee discount the cheapest car is $55 all in. If I kept it overnight it would be $39 all in. Boo. My dad is old cell phone. He hasn't been to the airport in a few years. This should be fun.

Off for two days, reserve for one, off for two days.....then my month of afternoon airport standby begins.

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  1. I'm looking forward to your month of afternoon standby. That means that you will be bored and have more time to post :-)


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